Coin Pouch in Cream Pendleton Wool


Coin Pouch in Cream Pendleton Wool


Name: Kim but is legally Tina Mae

Hobbies: Ordering for everyone at the table because she personally knows the "owner and top chef", but that obnoxious behavior is loved by friends because she really does pick the best food that you would never personally order

Favorite: Secretly has her psychic on speed dial pretending it's an important TPA conference call

Tonight you are feminine and refined with this cream plaid Kamp bag made of new Pendleton wool and snug zippered closure.  Carry your favorite lipstick, compact perfume and concert tickets as you strut with your girlfriends to the front door.  Constructed entirely by hand from the cutting, hand assembly and sewing this Kamp bag is guaranteed to keep you light and agile as you enjoy the orchestra.

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100% Handcrafted.  hese products are designed for the resilient, the reliable, the bad ass, the lovers, the mothers and the passionate adventurers. Your strength is beautiful. 

Dimensions: 5 1/4"x7", 6 1/2" zippered opening

Contents: New Pendleton Wool Exterior, New Oatmeal Duck Canvas Liner, Vintage White Zipper

Designed and Hand Manufactured in Portland, Oregon