Coin Pouch in Blue Plaid Pendleton Wool


Coin Pouch in Blue Plaid Pendleton Wool


Name: Brenda

Hobbies: purse shopping and smoking cigars that you picked up in college as a drunken bad habit

Favorite: squealing out of the parking lot while screaming at the kid to watch where they're walking.....but making sure to double check that you don't hurt a single person because that would be irresponsible

Tuck this small coin pouch in your biking jacket, backpack or throw in your purse.  Made of new Pendleton wool with the zippered closure it is guaranteed to keep pace with your adventure race style days. 


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100% Handcrafted.  These products are designed for the resilient, the reliable, the bad ass, the lovers, the mothers and the passionate adventurers. Your strength is beautiful. 

Dimensions: 5"x7", 6" zippered opening

Contents: New plaid Pendleton wool shell, vintage wool liner in navy, vintage grey zipper

Designed and Hand Manufactured in Portland, Oregon