Welcome friend!  I'm Jess of Land and Kamp LLC.  I have an excessive amount of energy that I use to drive my love of hunting for vintage home decor and handcrafting bags for the demands of the modern office warriors, bad ass moms and weekend wanderers.  My parents helped build a love of hunting for vintage treasures that could be reused to make a cozier home where you cook your meals, read your books and love your families.  Mom handed me freedom to create whatever my little heart desired when she taught me to sew.  I now use this to help others like you with custom bags made of Pendleton wool so you can always say "yes" to the last minute happy hour, grocery shopping with the kids, scenic hike and dog washing day without worrying about dirty fingers or asking yourself, "Did I bring the right bag?"  

After you look through Land and Kamp's website, Instagram and Facebook page I hope you join me to champion for the home to be a haven of community with utility through simple design.  I believe home is where you keep your heart and it should be the coziest and most treasured place on earth.  Together let's get back to happy chatter around the kitchen table, camp fire or porch swing by adding a little coziness to wherever you call home with one of our throws or fun Mount Hood pillows.  

Did you see a bag we handcrafted but was looking for a different print?  We can talk about creating you something that compliments you like a best friend and loves you unconditionally like your fuzzy best friend.   Feel free to send me an email to start chatting.  Can't wait to hear from you.  


My Process


The nostalgic nature is at the heart of every piece.  Given their age each piece is inspected for durability and function.  I get it that you buy what you love and want to use it.  I want that too.  Since all heritage pieces tell their own story it is a matter of asking the right questions to bring them back to glory.  Some wooden chairs simply ask for a cozy new seat with an intense print.  Because of this, each piece needs to go through a revival of scrubbing, polishing and restoration.  

Once renewed I campaign to use the piece in your home for everyday use, not just special events.  Use what you love in everyday living because you work too hard to not celebrate each day.


Ambition drives the energy to scout and revive salvaged and stock materials.  Sometimes fabric have special marks like hand written notes on the material, worn spots and discoloration as the material naturally ages.  Other pieces have never been used with slight imperfection in the patterns.  However, all materials have been carefully selected to ensure quality and lasting durability.  You wouldn't ask your gorgeous grandma to hide her warm smile so we intentionally celebrate and champion the abundant characteristics of the fabric.  My products are sourced almost exclusively from the Pacific Northwest and USA.  These authentic features make for an exuberant and independent product.

Handcrafted Goods:

Layers of material are coordinated on a barn wood table with focus on texture, pattern and durability of the fabric.  With a cup of tea in hand the materials shift and swap to produce a comforting collection of handcrafted goods each season.  Each piece is hand cut and assembled.  Every zipper is hand placed and carefully sewn in.  Plump pillows are hand packed with the perfect amount of stuffing.  Naturally this also takes extra time with eyebrows squinting and hands gripped on the details.   The ambitious handiwork makes each piece wonderfully imperfect and brings justice to it's independent character.  All of my bags and pillows are crafted by hand in my NE Portland home studio.  The exchange from maker to customer is often as close as a handshake because we are your neighbor.  You get that and that's why I want to make these for you.   

Let's Get Cozy!

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