Working With Kids!

So this whole photoshoot started because I needed a little person to model these wool hipster bandanas I made out of Pendleton wool.  Which my husband teasingly calls the "Bibster".  Thank goodness my girlfriend has the sweetest children that I can borrow for photo shoots. Text message goes out asking Heidi to borrow her kids.  Heidi graciously gets the kids on board.  Day comes and it is hot.  Not just sorta hot but like meltdown, too hot to be in the sun, barely able to be in the shade!

Buhman blanket girls.jpg

Luckily Heidi's farm has huge trees that granted a break from the sun as we played around with shots.  I snapped on the big camera and Heidi snapped shots on the iPhone.  

Honestly my expectations were low because the one thing I have learned about being around kids is that little human beings have their own pace and somethings you just can't press.  We've all seen the meltdown when kids are just not feeling being at the grocery story, sitting on Santa's lap, wearing clothes and refusing to eat anything yet are able to find room for dessert.  With a mix of the heat and it being the afternoon little man was not loving being dressed.   I couldn't blame him I wanted to be poolside as well.  I had assumed we were pretty much done....  

I look over to see the girls jumping in to help with everything I brought, the hipster bandanas, purses, headbands and pillows.  They playfully layer the headbands, snap on a bandana and dance in front of the camera.  Thank you sweet baby girls!!

Just look at those faces!  The girls make the the best models.  And you know why?  Because they work hard for candy, color markers, craft time and always beg me to come back.  It reminds you the important things in life.  Scented markers and quality time together making things.  Come one!  Like seriously melt your heart when those big round eyes ask you to come back to play, like TOMORROW!

At this point my heart is so happy to witness and be apart of that day with these beautiful and happy kids that my lifelong friend is raising.  Who doesn't want to see a dear friend create something so wonderful and be thriving!  Laughing, I playfully tease Heidi that her kids look like they have done this a time of two.  Side note, she takes amazing shots of her kids for all of their greeting cards.  Seriously bless the next door Wonder Woman!  

When the day is hot, you're unsure of your personal abilities, things don't go as planned and you're so wrapped up in your task list there is no better remedy than goofy, fun loving kids to humble the hell out of you.  Kids are those magical muses reminding you that regardless of what your task list looks like at the end of the day you and the time you spend with your loved ones will always matter.  

A special thank you to Heidi and her sweet and spirited kids.  

Jessica Boland

Land and Kamp LLC, 4636 Northeast 76th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97218