Plaid Valentine's Day Pillow

The house doesn't need to be covered in pink glitter to decorate for Valentine's Day.....but I wouldn't shame you because glitter is fabulous!  You know those plaid pillows you brought in the blustery fall?  Whether you bought them on a whim or lovingly stitched them together you can effortlessly carry your plaid pillows through February without buying sequined heart shaped wreaths and blow-up cupids for the front yard.  You can easily create some down-home comfy decor that takes seconds to make and doesn't have to be stored the other eleven months of the year.  

Make a giant heart out of smooth red wool or fuzzy felt.  Stitch around the outside with a contrasting wool yarn.  Hot glue a fastener on the backside or if you're in a hurry attach the heart to the pillow with a safety pin.  

The weather is terrible so let's just lounge, throw on your best vinyl and make an Old Fashion to toast to hibernating!

Jessica Boland

Land and Kamp LLC, 4636 Northeast 76th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97218