Hygge: What's with all the hype?

As we enter the fall and winter months, one word seems to pop up time and time again. Across the internet and all over the social media apps and blogs: Hygge (hue-guh)

Usually hashtagged along with beautiful home scenes; filled with white knits and a steaming cups of tea in a hand made ceramic mugs- it is majorly trending right now.

 Land + Kamp’s “Let’s get weird in the tent” mug.

Land + Kamp’s “Let’s get weird in the tent” mug.

But is Hygge just another Instagram trend that spreads like wildfire? At the end of the day does it just leave us regular folks feeling inadequate? In a filtered culture that can feel unattainable and by comparison can make our basic Target filled apartments seem glaringly tacky and juvenile- are these trendy lifestyles worth it? After some research, the Land+Kamp team couldn’t be more on board!

Lets look at what it is. Hygge is a relatively new Danish concept that roughly translates to creating a home that is extremely cozy but welcoming to yourself, your friends and family. It encourages mindfulness and working on being content, as well as taking in the world and it’s simple pleasures.

Some main points of Hygge are:

-cozy blankets and clothes

-soft lighting and warm fires

-reading nooks and books

-natural fibers, i.e. cotton and wool

-building healthy relationships

-creating a safe sanctuary for the people in your life

-warm drinks and comfort foods

-an appreciation for nature

Not only do with think these are all worthwhile points, that is exactly what we feel when creating our woolen goods at Land + Kamp. It is also exactly how we want each person to feel after gifting or receiving one of our snuggly pillows.

 Land + Kamp’s Mountain Pillows

Land + Kamp’s Mountain Pillows

The most important thing to remember is that trends come and go and that what we see in our many different social media feeds is not always the whole truth or reality. But we can practice being good to ourselves and to those we love. We can creates spaces and homes that bring us joy. We can be kind.

So go out and Hygge to your hearts content. It has the type of hype we like to hear: the positive kind.

By Emily McKernan of Land + Kamp