Gettin' Dirty: Operation Spring Cleaning

       It’s that time of year again, when you have to pull yourself out of your winter hibernation and shake off the dust bunnies.  Nothing makes you feel guiltier than a ray of April sunshine hitting your dusty mantel.

     Here are some tried and true methods to making your spring cleaning as effective and painless as possible!

 Try to trade off from indoor and outdoor jobs.  Nothing is as invigerating as a little spring time air!

Try to trade off from indoor and outdoor jobs.  Nothing is as invigerating as a little spring time air!

·      Make a list of all of your rooms and or spaces, in need of attention.  Don’t  forget the linen closet, under the bathroom sink, and of course that dreaded junk drawer.

·      Once your list is made, divvy up dates or times for each room or area.  Nothing squashes a project faster, then taking on too much and overwhelming yourself.  Taking a half hour a day to go through the medicine cabinet or hall closet is much better than  taking on the whole house and then you find your whole Sunday wasted and all of a sudden you’re crying in a pile of grandma’s old sweaters; desperate for a glass of chardonnay.

·      Call up your friends!  A trusted buddy’s opinion and firm hand on a garbage bag with cut your excuses down and all there is always the old adage of “Many hands make light work.”

·      With everything you pick up or clean off- ask yourself three vital questions:

"Do I use it?"  

"Do I need it?"

"Do I love it?"

·      Find local places that will come and pick up donations.  Having a time that Joan from the local shelter is going to knock on your door will put a fire under your butt that not only benefits you but also your local community.

·      Lastly, make it fun, or at least as enjoyable as you can.  Blast your favorite guilty pleasure music, open up all the windows, wear the tutu from 4 Halloweens ago.   Remember that this is an act of self-care and kindness.  You are making your home a better, cleaner and healthier place for everyone who enters it!


-Emily McKernan of Land + Kamp