Wool Care: Do's & Dont's

Something we hear a lot is "But how do I WASH it?".   We get it, wool can be intimidating.  We have all seen the obviously washed blankets and sweaters at the local Goodwill;  giant rainbow furballs more like it.   But do not fear,  we have the tried and true, do's and dont's of wool care.  It's much easier than you think!

 Dreading the idea of you "Sunday Funday" sweatshirt not being able to be washed?

Dreading the idea of you "Sunday Funday" sweatshirt not being able to be washed?

We recommend that all woolen goods be hand washed in luke warm water.   I enjoy using "Laundress" brand wool shampoo for my woolen goods, which you can find at Target but any wool specific shampoo, such as Wool-lite will work.  For some reason, if you cannot find any soap specific to cashmere or wool, a light basic dish soap will also work.

After working up a gently lather, simply rinse excess soap out with cool water.  Squeeze dry with careful hands, and do not wring.  Because wool can easily lose its shape, harsh wringing or hang drying can misshape you piece.   Lay flat until dry.

Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.
— Winne the Pooh

If you do need to iron you piece, make sure to use the "Wool" setting on your iron and use plenty of steam. 

Lastly, say the burrito you packed for lunch leaves your bag a little on the funky side, to remove any unsavory odors, we recommend hanging the dry piece, in cold air.

That it folks, its a simple as that.   Treat your wool goods how you would want to be treated, gently with no wringing or hanging.

Happy Washing!


-Emily McKernan, Land & Kamp