Let's Get Cozy With Wool

I love working with wool material.  SHOCKER!  Stop laughing, I know.  I'm a fanatic and luckily there is no cure short of a very, very serious allergy.  Please Lord, I'm allergic to enough things in this life so leave wool alone!  I have an entire hutch full of just wool, solids, plaids, bold native patterns, subtle limited edition prints, thick, thin, new and vintage.  It is so functional material for everyday life from gorgeous upholstered chairs to weekend adventure bags that you throw in the back seat.  Just the touch of wool feels substantial and sturdy.  For someone who demands utility and functionality it has to be wool.  Except underwear, but that's the only exception. 

It summons an element of coziness and comfort.  Oh come on, who can resist a couch full of fluffy wool pillows  or the classiness of a throw blanket neatly folded up in the back of your car?  You want to go to drive out to a lake right now just so you can throw you wool blanket in the car! 

I blame my mother.  We grew up in Camas, Washington where the neighboring town Washougal has a large Pendleton Mill Store.  I can still remember the glee on my mom's face every time she splurged on a new Pendleton Blanket.  Here we are decades later and much to my mom's dismay at times those same blankets have been to college, motorcycle trips to the dunes, survived sleepovers in the barn, been shoved inside tents while camping, drug outside to watch the stars, cleaned up to be brought back in the house to cover the bed.

I love hearing people's stories of their wool blankets because they usually hold a special story of being gifted for their wedding, a baby blanket for their first born or a memento from an amazing trip they finally splurged on.  Those beautiful memories last forever in a partnership with the wool.  Wool to me is a woven story of family and a life well lived.  Go ahead get cozy with it!

Jessica Boland

Land and Kamp LLC, 4636 Northeast 76th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97218